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Yes. We can easily transfer your current numbers for business continuity. Additionally, if desired, we can provide new numbers to extend your reach into other territories. For example, you may wish for a business presence in London from a Brighton office. 

Very. We will only recommend a VoIP-based solution if the network connections are strong and reliable enough. We will also ensure that suitable ‘Disaster Recovery’ measures are deployed for immediate alternative call-routing to occur in the event of any outage, to ensure calls will not be missed.


High. Call quality depends on your internet connection. We will ensure your connection is fast enough for VoIP. We have a range of 16 different broadband services to choose from, some of which are dedicated entirely to VoIP. We also have an almost infinite number of Direct Internet Access solutions (aka Leased Lines) – the call quality will be as high – if not higher – than any digital (ISDN) service.  

This is dependent on your circumstances; we will start with a detailed site survey to assess your workplace. If your existing cabling is suitable, we can install the solution immediately. If we need to upgrade your internal network, it may take a few days. We will work with you to ensure there is no delay or disruption to your business.

In short, no. We will ensure your calls can be made and are received at all times while migrating you to a new service.


A fully-hosted solution only needs handsets or headsets. These come pre-configured, ready for immediate use. An on-premises solution will need a little space in your comms room, or can be discreetly hung on a wall, or sat on a shelf.

Yes. Our unified communications solutions are designed to help your employees work from any location and from any device. We can integrate handsets, headsets, or mobiles with the office system so you can access your contacts remotely. 

The decline in demand for the out-dated ISDN infrastructure and an increase in demand for VoIP services has led to Openreach planning the withdrawal of the service in order to increase investment in IP networks.


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