Business Mobile SIM only services

What are Business Mobile SIM only services?

Business mobile SIM only services are contracts based on your individual business requirements consisting of only minutes, texts, and data. No handset charges. Every month this allowance resets and you have the option to increase your limits as your business grows.

How does it work?

If you already have existing mobile handsets that you would like to keep using, you can. With our SIM only services, simply swap your SIM card and only pay for the calls and data your business uses whilst using your own handsets.

Why should I have Business Mobile SIM only services?

A Business Mobile SIM only service will provide you with the flexibility to gain access to best mobile contracts available whilst being able to reuse your existing handsets or purchasing your handsets from an alternative supplier. You can scale your needs as your business grows, ensuring you have firm control of your costs. We’ll secure the best SIM-only deal for your budget.

Commonly asked questions…..

Gamma Mobile is ideal for companies who need to be in constant contact with their business mobile users, whether it is via voice or email. Gamma’s position as a fixed-line and mobile provider means you can benefit from preferential on-net rates.


We offer a range of business mobile deals with tariffs including pay-as-you-use, single user, shared user and unlimited, as well as a selection of bolt-on’s including text, business mobile data and international roaming. Alternatively, we can work with you to find a bespoke package that suits your needs.


We have a range of Business Traveller bolt-on’s which can help you control your expenditure when roaming overseas, reducing the risk of bill shock and unexpected data charges.


Yes, it’s easy to port your existing number onto the Gamma network.


Gamma offer the best data SIM service for business in the UK. We have a range of cost-effective tariffs to suit any business mobile data requirement, the data network will give you the speeds and connectivity you need. We won’t cut you off when you reach your threshold, instead we’ll send an alert letting you know you’re reaching your limit.



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