Horizon Contact Centre

What is Horizon Contact Centre?

Horizon Contact Centre is a cloud-based platform built for customer engagement. The solution is designed to simplify and enhance customer communication. Handle all customer contact whether that be voice, email or web chat through one integrated system providing a fast and efficient response to all your customer contact opportunities. If you are looking to make it easier for customers to engage with you, Horizon Contact provides an intuitive, self-service feature set, for small to medium businesses, at a competitive price point.

Benefits of Horizon Contact Centre

Advanced reporting

The reporting tool enables multiple reports to be created across your your channels.

Access anytime, anywhere

Horizon Contact is cloud-based and therefore gives agents the ability to log into any device and work anytime, from any location. Horizon Contact utilises WebRTC, allowing agents the same user experience wherever they have internet access.

CRM integration

Horizon Contact offers integrations with leading CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zendesk (to name a few). The solution also offers its own fully integrated CRM which allows users to manage all their customer interactions from within a single and fully integrated database.

Horizon Contact Centre Features


Get all the voice features that you would expect with an advanced and fully modern contact centre solution. Allow you agents to make and receive calls whilst managing historical and current communication with your customers.


Connect Horizon Contact to email servers to send and receive emails utilising SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols. Allow customers to use their own email services such as Gmail or Microsoft 365.


The fastest growing communication channel in contact centres is webchat. With Horizon Contact’s simple tools, you can easily embed code into your website that will connect your potential leads directly to the most skilled agent. Serve chats between calls or handle multiple chats at once to ensure the highest productivity.

Call Back

Horizon Contact can be configured to determine a customer’s position in the queue, announce the approximate wait time and then offer the caller the option of a call back if the wait time is too long.

Queue Management

Your customer queues can be managed within the Horizon Contact Centre environment. Prioritise your calls and emails in to VIP queues in order to improve first contact resolution.

Call Recording

Horizon Contact lets you record inbound, outbound or internal calls. These recordings can be used for customer service, audit or training purposes.

Skills-based Routing

Automatically route calls to the most qualified agent to improve customer service and first call resolution.

Wallboards and Live Data

Construct wallboards to show all the live data from calls, emails or web chats. Use this information to review performance.


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