Horizon Cloud Phone System

What the Horizon Cloud Phone System?

Horizon is a hosted business telephone and unified communications service that resides in the cloud instead of your business premises. It provides all the telephony and collaboration tools that you would expect from a leading unified communications solution, including a powerful cloud PBX, team messaging, video meetings and an optional contact centre.

The Horizon cloud phone system has been designed to support modern working, allowing your employees to work and communicate on the road or at home. The easy to use, intuitive web portal allows administrators to make companywide changes to the system or change an individual employees’ settings or access rights, all with a few clicks of a mouse.

How does it work?

Horizon Cloud PBX integrates your fixed and mobile capabilities so that you never miss a call. Suitable for any size of business that are looking to improve productivity. As you’re not buying a PBX, there’s no major hardware investment and no financing costs to consider.

Why should I have Horizon Cloud Phone System?

Horizon Soft Client

Free your workforce by bringing the power of Horizon to your laptop, Windows desktop, Android or iOS device. Get access to a range of features to ensure that your colleagues and customers can remain in regular contact.

The Horizon Desktop Client connects your office phone to your personal communications device, such as a laptop or PC. It works seamlessly with the Horizon service and mobile client, ensuring that you can control user accounts and handle all calls efficiently, from any location. The Horizon Desktop Client enables a new way to interact with Horizon and using your existing devices, you can reduce the cost of entry to your new hosted solution, as well as minimising telephony costs incurred whilst on the road or in different locations.

Call Queuing

Present a professional image to your customers by managing incoming calls effectively and delivering them to the relevant groups, as soon as a user is available.

Horizon Call Queue is a cost-effective way of managing incoming calls professionally and provides constant information and choices to your customers, reducing the risk of losing incoming calls.

Horizon Call Queue benefits (Users and Groups):

• Customises messaging – Horizon lets you customise your welcome and on-hold music as well as allowing you to set up a comfort message at timed intervals to let customers know their call is important to you.
• User breakout – Add a specific number to the Call Queue Group to let a customer break out of the queue in order to leave a voicemail message instead.
• Simultaneous Hunt Group – Instantly deliver a call to all available employees within the relevant Call Queue Group.
• Queueing for up to 25 calls

Management Reporting

Are you aware of how many calls you are getting? How are they being handled and who is handling them?

Horizon offers a number of KPIs and measurements through its reporting functionality. However, there is undeniably a growing need for more in-depth call management reporting and integration with wall boards to help businesses grasp a real-time understanding of their calls.

Through Horizon’s partnership with Akixi, you can now get a data feed for your Horizon cloud phone service, which will allow you to export all the statistics you need to help manage your business.

The data feed will help you manage incoming calls and call routing via a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Receptionist Console

The Horizon Receptionist Console is a cost-effective way of managing your key call routing whilst monitoring multiple contacts or sites, wherever this is not possible through a more traditional phone and side car solution.

Ensure that all your calls are answered professionally and efficiently, improve customer service and increase your operational efficiency with the Horizon Receptionist Console.

For a full list of benefits and features - download our Horizon Cloud Phone Brochure...


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