Is Your Business Ready For The Big Switch Off?

In 2025, BT will be making the biggest change to telecoms since the birth of the internet and has planned to switch off all the outdated copper telephone wires. However, this move will not just affect phone lines, but also the lines through which your card payment services, automated burglar alarms, and even emergency calls from lifts are facilitated.

It’s important to prepare accordingly for this to avoid any disruption in the future.

What does this mean for businesses?

There is a growing movement among businesses to switch to an all-IP (Internet Protocol) switchboard. While many companies already use this alongside the older analogue network, Internet Protocol telephony is a term used to describe technologies, products, and services that utilise the Internet Protocol’s packet-switched connections to support voice calling, voicemail, video calling, video conferencing, and instant messaging.

Due to the pandemic, many companies had to adapt their way of working to accommodate remote work. This resulted in many businesses moving toward online hosting of their telephony systems. However, if your business has not yet made the switch, then now is the perfect time to start your research!

What are some of the benefits of an all-IP switchboard?

Scalability: IP switchboards are highly scalable and can easily accommodate growth or changes in an organisation. They can handle a larger number of connections and users without requiring significant hardware upgrades.


Reduce cost: Implementing an all-IP switchboard often involves lower hardware costs compared to traditional systems. It also allows for more cost-effective long-distance and international calls through the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Flexibility: IP switchboards enable greater flexibility in terms of integrating different communication channels such as voice, video, messaging, and data sharing. They support a wide range of devices and can be accessed from multiple locations, promoting remote work and collaboration.

How can you prepare for the switch?

The transition to fibre connections will affect not just phone lines but also critical services such as payment systems, alarms, and emergency calls. Therefore, it is crucial to manage this move effectively. To do so, businesses must seek certified providers who can help migrate their communication and IT systems to fibre connections.

Employing an all-IP switchboard is a proactive measure that offers several benefits. As the trend towards remote work and online hosting of telephony systems continues to grow, businesses should take advantage of this opportunity to explore the benefits and prepare for a seamless transition.

As the telecom landscape evolves, it’s crucial to ensure your business stays ahead. At BDM Voice, we’re your trusted partners in embracing cutting-edge telephony and unified communications solutions. With over 20 years of industry expertise, we’ve empowered businesses to communicate effectively by providing top-tier solutions from leading providers like Gamma and NEC.

Reach out today and start your business journey towards streamlined, efficient, and future-ready business communication solutions. Let’s revolutionise the way you communicate and ensure you’re fully prepared for the upcoming changes in the telecom landscape!

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