Business Broadband

What are the different types of business broadband?

ADSL Business Broadband
Some locations are limited to a traditional shared public line. ADSL Business Broadband is delivered from the exchange to a nearby cabinet and then into your building on a traditional copper line. This line may be serving many homes or businesses along the way. Speed and quality are determined by the ISP’s network traffic and congestion, which can vary greatly depending on the location or time of day.

Uses fibre optic connection in the first mile to your business, before delivery via multiple copper lines for load-balancing and resilience. This delivers download and upload speeds of up to 35Mbps. At a lower cost and faster implementation than Fibre Ethernet, EFM is a perfect solution for small to medium size businesses, or businesses that cannot logistically be served with Ethernet Fibre.

Some geographical areas already have an ethernet fibre infrastructure provided to their premises, which means a business can enjoy the benefits of Ethernet Fibre at lower cost – because it doesn’t have to be created for you. This service is still limited in availability, but expanding all the time.

Lease Line
A dedicated, fixed-bandwidth data connection. The Direct Internet Access (DIA), is delivered directly from your local exchange to your business’ communications room and is exclusive to your business – therefore not diluted by other users.
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