The benefits of Business Broadband

No matter what sort of business you’re running, the odds are likely that you’ll need a strong broadband connection whether it’s a large or small business, specialised broadband can be an important tool in saving money and improving productivity. Whatever your business does, there are several benefits to using business broadband.   

Faster Speeds:

Business broadband can often offer faster speeds for those whose businesses require it. With standard broadband, the majority of users will only be interested in download speeds, but business owners may also be concerned with upload speeds, which are vital if you’re hosting a website. Faster broadband is also essential if you have a number of employees using it at once. 

If your business uploads files, syncs online data, holds video conferences, download and upload speed is something you should be prioritising. 

Better Customer Support: 

When your business relies on internet and phone line access, any outages can be incredibly harmful. That’s why many business broadband providers have improved customers services that give priority to business customers, allowing you to get any problems fixed quicker than if you had a standard broadband package. 

This sort of service is crucial for a business. 

Static IP address: 

If you have broadband at home, you more than likely have what’s known as a dynamic IP address. What this means is that the IP address changes every time you connect your router, which helps with security and allows you to move your router from one building to another if you’re moving house.    

With business broadband, you can get a static IP address, meaning it’ll stay the same no matter what you do. If your business relies on running a website (which is very likely) or hosting a VPN, this is essential. A static IP also allows you to access the data on your desktop PC remotely, which could be important if you’re travelling or setting up meetings. 

Internet Security Included:

The majority of business broadband packages now include an online security programme as part of a bundle. Online security is even more essential when running a business, as there may be significant amounts of money or personal data involved

Online security software protects your data from malware, phishing, scams, and hacking, giving you peace of mind in the same way as it would at home. Business broadband often offers specialised online security, meaning you’ll get a more powerful or targeted programme than your standard home security.   

Business Phone Services: 

Business broadband packages very often come bundled with phone services, much like home broadband. For businesses that make a lot of calls or deal over the phone, a dedicated line is essential, with business broadband able to get you a good rate. 

If you’re working from home, you may want to separate your business line from your home line, as you don’t necessarily want potential customers or clients to have your home phone number. It may also be important that the number is an easily remembered one so that you can be easily contacted. Business broadband can handle both of these needs, making it an ideal option for those who need both reliable broadband and phone.

With BDM Voice you own your private data connection, delivered directly from your local exchange to your business, and is exclusive to your business – not diluted by others. 

We offer multiple Direct Internet Access services, determined by your data requirements, your location in relation to the exchange and how they are technically delivered. all come with robust service level agreements focused on performance and availability. 

BDM Voice is the trusted voice in telecommunications. We regularly monitor and evaluate all forms of new customer contact technologies and practices. Ensuring we provide the best service for all of our clients, enabling your business to stay ahead of the competition.   

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